Over the past year, The Adoption Story Project has been a whirlwind of inspired work. Our subjects have been open, vulnerable and flexible. And we are so grateful.
In 2015, our board took shape. Ivanna Rook, Natalie Schlosser, Alison Hake and I filed our paperwork, organized our board, and stumbled forward with a hazy vision. Telling adoption stories was our aim, but the how-to remained unclear.
Enter Ryan Gonzales, a film maker and marketing entrepreneur. With a background in documentary film work, and a passion for social justice and story-telling, he perfectly fit into our project. Infusing direction and clarity, he became the first friend of the non-profit.
In winter of 2016, Philip Lima, Max Stovall and Uriah Bertsch along with Ryan and myself, captured our first set of stories. In spring the non-profit purchased audio and video equipment, and we have been busy conducting interviews ever since.
Throughout the year, we have gained more partners to the organization. Alex Blas, a local photographer, helped design and manage our website. Brittani Littlefield generously created our logo. There is so much collaboration and kindness. I am overwhelmed.
This project has been the best and hardest work of my life. Everything takes about 1000 times longer than I think it will. I am learning the art of patience and the quality of perseverance. And friends, I cannot wait to share with you these moving stories!

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