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I love stories. Story has been a means of connection, amazement, humor and education for me over my lifetime. The Adoption Story Project was created out of my research at California State University Monterey Bay. There I had the opportunity to enmesh myself in research and interviewing. A combination of supportive professors, inspiring cohorts, and happenstance convinced me that creating a space for adoption stories to be shared was a valuable endeavor.

I am passionate about story-telling as a means of communication, record keeping and preservation of culture. I come from a long line of story-tellers. Stories matter.

Natalie Schlosser

Board Member 

I am a native of California and came to know Osanna in Santa Cruz in 2012.   Since that time, I have followed her journey in coming to better understand the realities of adoption and the social biases that are in separable from it.  Though I myself am not adopted, I am personally interested in one day adopting a child.  

I feel that how society views adoption and adoptive families is ever growing in importance.  I feel strongly that an adoptive family is equally valid as a biological family, and hope to support The Adoption Story Project in its pursuit to spread knowledge about the realities of adoption.



Ivanna Rook

Board Member

I am passionate about adoption. As an adoptive mom I know, first hand, we need to share our stories to help end adoption stigma. Stories help build bridges and connection between people that allow a space for learning and acceptance.

The Adoption Story Project will, through story-telling, help people understand and embrace adoption as normative. I'm excited to be a part of this amazing organization.

Alison Hake

Board Member

Although adoption is something I have always known about, through my friendship with Osanna, I have come to see adoption in a very different light – a light that illuminates the importance and power of adoption in our world.  I have had many friends over the years who were adopted, I have friends who have adopted children themselves, family members who have given children up for adoption, and I someday hope to adopt a child, or children, myself. 

Adoption is something that plays a major role in many families in our society, and my hope in being a part of this initiative is to help raise awareness of, and end, the stigmas associated with adoption in our culture.